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As of October 2011, FishVille had 1.6 million monthly active users. Choose Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Gnome or Human and pick one of thirteen pre-made character classes to start your adventure. Each character can develop over a dozen skills and up to four spells, depending on the class or talents selection.

  • Managing the various fish, fighting aliens, and making the right choices gives the game a slight strategic appeal.
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  • The game “Happy Pets” became a part of our life.

Buying a standard (non-colored) guppy and naming it “Santa” turns it into a special fish. He is white with red fins, plays Christmas songs, grows FAST, and drops Bag o Shells. Alien Attractor – Allows you to combat aliens in your virtual tank, but your purchased fish remain safe. At the end of any time trial, 5% of your final score is converted into shells. I haven’t heard any reports of anybody exploiting this very well.

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The first egg costs $100, the second $200, the third $400, and it continues to double each time thereafter. Food Quality – In the beginning, you can only feed your fish little brown flakes of food. This will not keep them fed very long and you are almost always feeding them.

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Typing the following codes will cause various aspects of the game to change. If you know how to beat a level, then please submit your guide and share your skills. Please bookmark this walkthrough page so you don’t miss any of the new gameplays of Insaniquarium Deluxe! Meryl delights in thrilling audiences around the world with her virtuoso singing talent. She has never been able to measure up in the eyes of carnivores or ultravores though.


However if you use Gumbo and bilaterus escapes the corner then you may as well hit the reset button as most of your fish are now dead. The hardest thing about bilaterus is that any part of its body will kill your fish, so you MUST herd bilaterus into a corner. I can’t manage to kill Bilaterus, type II, though I have tried many methods. Please tell me if you have discovered an easy way to kill him! Meryl periodically sings a song and this makes all your guppies drop three coins instead of one.

Even then, you can sometimes make two spiral shell runs faster than waiting for 10 bags – but it really depends on how things fall. Sylvester looks kind of like one of the aliens from the “Aliens” movies. He is free to roam the tank and will eat a fish if he gets close enough. He behaves exactly like Sylvester, but requires more hits to kill.Laser upgrades are $1000/level in Tank 1. For Gold, you have to have all the stories from Challenge Mode.

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